Love is the Answer

Hello my fellow human Beings:

Where there is fear,

Love is the answer.

Where there is hatred,

Love is the answer.

Where there is uncertainty and the unknown,

Love is the answer.

Where there are differences,

Love is the answer to draw on the similarities.

Where words are hard to find,

Love is the answer in silent action.

Where there are human beings,

Love is the answer to connect and unite all of us.

Louise Hay, metaphysical lecturer and teacher, in her book, Meditations to Heal Your Life, reminds us that we are love and we have an infinite source of love within to share with abundance. She writes:

“Deep at the center of my being, there is an infinite supply of love. It is inexhaustible. I can never use it all in this lifetime. So I do not have to be sparing with it. I can always be generous with my love. Love is contagious.   When I share love, it comes back to me multiplied. The more love I give, the more love I have. I have come into this world to be a love giver. I came in full of love. And even though I will share my love all my life, when I leave this earth, I will still have a full and happy heart. If I want more love, then I have only to give. Love is, and I am.”

We can tell our meditation practice is working if we can see a difference in our lives. Not necessarily in how long we can sit still or how long we can keep our attention focused on our breath, but in how we live our lives. If in all the encounters of our lives, we approach them guided more by “What Would Love Do?”, and less with fear, anger, hatred, doubt, anxiety …, then our meditation practice is working well in our lives.

So I encourage you to find time to each day to PAUSE, to be still, to BREATHE, to connect to your inner source of infinite love and share that love with yourself and others.




When we answer the questions of life with love we live each day more abundantly!

P.S. Congratulations to the US Supreme Court for answering the question on who has the right to love and marriage with all persons (whether straight or gay)! Love is love.  Love is the answer.

Happy PRIDE!