About Me

Hello, I’m Still Valerie.

I consider myself a perpetual student of life with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and understanding.  I am continually learning and experiencing new insights and truths about myself and the world I live in and I am growing remarkably in the process.

I have studied and practiced Buddhist-inspired mindfulness/insight meditation and facilitated youth and adult meditation courses over the last several years, while living an interesting progressive Christian way of life since birth.

I am on a path of awakening to a deeper awareness and understanding of “GOD“.

As I continue on my spiritual journey, I wish to share my insights and life lessons with others, as a loving and compassionate guide, helping others on their spiritual journeys towards a more abundant life.

In November 2010, I started a weekly inspirational e-note to share my insights and life lessons with others.  (Check out the inaugural post entitled In the Beginning dated November 24, 2010.) In a period of a year, positive response and interest grew considerably, so I decided to convert the e-notes into this blog to allow me to share with more human Beings.

I’ve captured some favourite e-notes from my first year of writing as blog posts so you won’t miss out.  Sign-up below to follow my blog, by clicking YES! and you’ll receive all the free weekly inspirational posts to come!

My fellow human Beings, I invite you to check out the posts already here by date or by category using the tools in the right hand sidebar on the Home page and may you all be still, connect and live abundantly!

If you wish to contact me, send me a message through the comment section of my blog or e-mail me at still[dot]valerie[at]yahoo[dot]ca.


22 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Great looking blog, Val! Congrats on launching it. I have subscribed and look forward to continue to receive your wonderful “Still Spots”.

    Appreciate all that you do.

    My Best,

  2. Valerie, Congratulations! on embracing “change” and using this amazing medium to reach others with your loving messages of encouragement and support. I look forward to your offerings.
    Thank You.
    Rev. Vicki

  3. I love attending your meditations and musings….much thought and insight in preparation for your classes……new medium is much appreciated….love…deb

  4. Your blog is a real blessing for `seekers´, thank you so much for sharing your insights and life lessions. I look forward to receiving your posts from now on. Bye for now Katharina

    • Thank you Katharina. You are kind! Your words really touched my heart. I do hope that I can share my life lessons so others can live abundantly too. We are all connected even if we live in different parts of the world.

      With loving-kindness to you.

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    • Thank you for the kind words and the nomination. I am honoured that you thought of me for this blog award, especially since you have recently been acquainted with my writings. May you be blessed during this holiday season and beyond!

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