Lessons From My Dog On Living In the Present Moment

Hello my fellow human Beings:

Today, I’d like to share with you some lessons I learned from my 13-year-old Maltese dog, Sammy, who despite his old age and accompanying ailments, enjoys life to its fullest as he lives each day in the present moment.

Sammy’s Lessons on Living in the Present Moment

  1. Play effusively with your favourite toys.
  2. Relish the delights of a delicious bowl of food completely focused on the meal. (No distractions from technology/screens.)
  3. Take the time to bask in the sunshine. (No sunscreen for me as my fur coat protects my skin from the harmful rays, but if you are human, use sunscreen.)
  4. Greet your loved ones with exuberance every time you see them after a time apart.
  5. Spend time cuddling up with your loved ones. (Hugs and kisses (licks) make both them and me feel good.)
  6. Run and frolic even if your joints ache, your eyesight is poor and your hearing is going. (Have fun anyway!)
  7. Get a good night’s sleep. (Restful sleep helps revitalize the body.)
  8. Belly rubs and massages are so relaxing. Get them as often as you can.
  9. Take daily breaks to be still and rest. (Periods of meditation scattered through the day are rejuvenating.)
  10. Live life fully in the present moment and you will live life abundantly.

Sammy (P.S. I’m lying on Valerie’s lap as she types this on the computer.) My dog, Sammy

William Hazlitt, one of the great critics and essayists of the English language, reiterates the essence of Sammy’s lessons on living in the present moment, when he writes:

“What a fine lesson is conveyed to the mind – to take no note of time but by its benefits, to watch only for the smiles and neglect the frowns of fate, to compose our lives of bright and gentle moments, turning always to the sunny side of things, and letting the rest slip from our imaginations, unheeded or forgotten.”

So I encourage you this week to follow Sammy’s lessons and to be still, to connect to the present moment, and to live abundantly!


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