Unconditional Love

Hello my fellow human Beings:

In a world filled with ups and downs, and twists and turns on the journey of life, we all need to be reminded of the gift of unconditional love.

Unconditional love is …

  • love without judgement;
  • love without prerequisites;
  • love without requirements.

Unconditional love is …

  • love without catches and clauses;
  • love without “ifs” and “whens”;
  • love without terms and restrictions.

Unconditional love is …

  • love with all our weaknesses and strengths;
  • love with all our flaws, warts, blemishes and scars;
  • love with acceptance.

Unconditional love is being loved just as we are in the here and now.

Especially when we are dealing with despair, feeling hurt and pain, and experiencing feelings of unworthiness, do we need to keep in mind that we are loved unconditionally. We are loved unconditionally by God, the Universe, and the communion of all Beings.

Our loving-kindness meditation practice is a way to prompt ourselves to experience the unconditional love of ourselves by ourselves and by the Universe.

Martine Batchelor, former Zen Buddhist nun and current meditation teacher, in her book, Meditation for Life, describes the connection between loving-kindness meditation practice and love. She writes:

“Loving-kindness is about benevolence, about wishing happiness to yourself and other people. It requires you to connect with yourself and to recognize and acknowledge others for what they are. Love is an outward movement from the heart that impels you to break out of narrow self-centredness and open up to the whole world. Loving-kindness reminds you that acceptance is at the root of love. It is about gratitude for life, for your own existence and for other people, without whom you would be alone.”

We all need to be reminiscent about the goodness of ourselves and the world.

We all need to repeat to ourselves “We are worthy of love. We are worthy of love. We are worthy of love.” … We are worthy of love just the way that we are.

We all need to practice loving-kindness meditation each day so that we no matter what the circumstances we are experiencing or how we are feeling, we remind ourselves that we are loved unconditionally.

So I encourage you to find time each day to PAUSE, to be still, to BREATHE, to love yourself, and to connect with the communion of Beings.   May you be loved unconditionally.  May you be love. … and may you live an abundant life!


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