It’s Spring … Time for Renewal

Hello my fellow human Beings:

Well, it may not feel or look like it yet, but Spring is officially here.

The season of Spring is a time for new life, a time for renewal and a time for rebirth.

We can take advantage of the beginning of this new season to restart or renew our meditation practice (or other goals we’ve set for ourselves this year).

Buddhist meditation teacher, Sharon Salzberg reminds us that a little change goes a long way. She states:

“Life is like an ever-shifting kaleidoscope – a slight change, and all patterns alter.”

So I encourage you to:

  • renew your commitment;
  • refresh your practice; and
  • remember to love yourself through the process.

We grow in our meditation practice, when we learn to start afresh without judgement every time we lose our focus. So take the time to PAUSE, be still, and connect to your authentic self and source of inner strength. Enjoy the start of spring by seizing the opportunity to renew, refresh and refocus and …walk on the path of living an abundant life!

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