Be mindful and be resilient to whatever may come

Hello my fellow human Beings:

Sometimes life throws you curveballs you don’t see, or even imagine ever, coming your way.  Whether they be thrown at you in work situations, family situations or personal health situations, these unexpected events can really blind side you and throw you off kilter.

How do you recover from these toppling occurrences?

Your meditation practice can help you regain your balance and put perspective on the situation.  It can help prevent you from getting consumed and overwhelmed with the rising negative emotions.  It can help you re-focus and discern how to take the next step forward.

In an interview with Dr. Frank Lipman about her book, Real Happiness at Work, Buddhist meditation teacher, Sharon Salzberg reminds us that mindfulness meditation practice is important in all areas of our life – at work, at play and at home.  She says:

“If we practice mindfulness—a balanced quality of awareness that allows us to connect to a given moment’s experience without becoming lost in immediate reactions to it – our worlds open up.   By practicing mindfulness, we open up the door to discernment, compassion, and intelligent, empowered choice.   All of these are valuable whatever kind of work we do. 

Mindfulness is also the basis for insight.   If we try to deny or avoid a difficult thought or scenario as soon as it appears, we don’t make adequate space for learning.   If we become swamped by reflexive reactions, we leave little room for a sense of perspective.   Mindfulness transforms our lives by enabling us to be more present and aware, which becomes the platform from which we can reach greater wisdom and compassion.”

Also in this interview, she says:

“I think happiness is deeply related to resilience, an inner sense of wholeness that prevents us from feeling depleted or overcome by difficult circumstances. Happiness is born of our ability to tap into our inner sources of strength while also connecting to a bigger picture of life.”

So when life throws you its curveballs (and it will!), remember your meditation practice.  PAUSE ….BREATHE…BREATHE AGAIN…be still…AHHHH….be present and aware…don’t react, but experience the moment fully (the good, the bad and the ugly) and do so with mindfulness.

Continue breathing and being in the present moment.  Breathe deeply and connect to your heart, your core, your inner beauty and inner strength.  Connect to God, the Universe and all beings.

Connect to your greater wisdom, your greater strength, your greater sense of reality and who you truly are.

Be mindful and be resilient to whatever may come.  …and you too will continue to walk forward on your path of abundant life!



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