Can war bring about peace?

Hello my fellow human Beings:

Can war bring about peace?

 Can deceit bring about honesty?

 Can judgement bring about compassion?

 It seems clear that the answer to all these questions is NO, but often we forget this fact.  We go about life believing that the ends justify the means and forget that the intent and the mental consciousness are part and parcel of our physical actions.

Positive mental volition + good deeds = Authentic, affirmative living

If we want to start making positive, social change in the world, we need to first start by changing our thoughts and transforming ourselves.

In her book, Your Deepest Intent, Rev. Deborah L. Johnson, public speaker and civil rights activist, reminds us that to make change happen, we need to start with our deepest intent.  She states:

“We tend to focus on the desired result and simply try to make that happen.  Yet it is the initial creative energy, our intent, that most needs our attention, for the consciousness that obtains, sustains.  If something is acquired through deceit, then deceit is required to keep it.  If a relationship develops through loving-kindness, then loving-kindness will be its sustainer.  Too many believe that a particular end can be so important that it justifies any means.  However, the flower is contained within the seed.  If a certain flower is desired, then that particular seed must be planted. The processes used predetermine the end results.  Condemnation does not produce reconciliation. Compassion never springs forth from judgment.  Peace is not the fruit of war.”

So this week I encourage you to find time often to be still, to meditate, and to connect to your True Self, your Inner Being, and your authentic nature.  Then go forward living your life with your thoughts, words and actions all aligned.  You’ll be living fully, authentically and abundantly and you’ll be the change you wish to see in the world.

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