“Love until it hurts”

Hello my fellow human Beings:

Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, better known as Mother Teresa, said “Love until it hurts.”  She ministered to the poor, sick, orphaned, and dying. She founded and guided the Missionaries of Charity, a Roman Catholic religious congregation of nuns that, at the time of her death in 1997, had 610 missions in 123 countries, including hospices and homes for people with HIV/AIDS, leprosy and tuberculosis; soup kitchens; children’s and family counselling programmes; orphanages; and schools.

So when she said, “Love until it hurts”, she meant love all people, no matter how poor, sick, destitute or depraved.

Love others even if it means going out of our comfort zone to do so.

Love others even if they have made lifestyle choices we don’t agree with or condone.

Love others even if we may be judged by onlookers as “associating with the wrong crowd” or “part of the non-popular vote”.

Love until it hurts.

Love until it hurts our status quo.

Love until it hurts our egos.

Love until it hurts the mold of our former self.

For when we push ourselves through loving more, we grow more and fill ourselves more with love.

Psychotherapist and best-selling author, Dr. M. Scott Peck, in his book, The Road Less Travelled, reminds us that when we genuinely love others, we satisfy, rather than sacrifice our True Self.  He writes:

“Whatever we do is done because we choose to do it, and we make that choice because it is the one that satisfies us the most.  Whatever we do for someone else we do because it fulfills a need we have. …Anyone who genuinely loves knows the pleasure of loving.  When we genuinely love we do so because we want to love.  We have children because we want to have children, and if we are loving parents, it is because we want to be loving parents.  It is true that love involves a change in the self, but this is an extension of the self, rather than a sacrifice of the self. …[G]enuine love is a self-replenishing activity.  Indeed, it is even more; it enlarges rather than diminishes the self; it fills the self rather than depleting it.”

So this week, I encourage you to finds ways to genuinely love more, to love differently than you have before, and to love until it hurts.

By doing love and being love, we connect more with our True Selves – that place within ourselves that is joined to all beings, that is filled with pure joy, and that is at peace with all life.

When Mother Teresa received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979, she was asked, “What can we do to promote world peace?” She answered “Go home and love your family.”

So go, be still, connect, love your family and your world until it hurts, and live abundantly!


6 thoughts on ““Love until it hurts”

  1. This post absolutely reached out to me and swallowed me up! I am daily learning to love beyond what I consider to be my threshold to love. Thank you for expressing the way to love absolutely, freely, fully, deliberately, consciously, purposefully…..yes, until it hurts. Sharon

    • Oh Sharon, thank you for your kind and eloquent words and taking the time to express your thoughts and feelings towards my writings. May you continually grow in love!

  2. What a powerful and brilliant post! I love it! I love the words “Love others even if it means going out of our comfort zone to do so” … I totally agree 🙂 x

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