Be kind. Be love. BE.

Hello my fellow human Beings:

What does it mean to you to be kind?

  • Helping out those who help you?
  • Being considerate to those who return the favour?
  • Lending a sympathetic ear to a co-worker or friend?

Being kind to those who are kind to you is easy, but what about to people who are not kind to you?

  • A boss that routinely cuts down your ideas and belittles you in front of your co-workers?
  • A family member that shames you into feeling guilty through harsh words in raised voices?
  • A driver that cuts you off in traffic and then steals your parking spot?

It’s not as easy to be kind to someone who doesn’t treat you well.  Yet the person who can be kind when treated callously is authentically being a loving person.

Ordained minister and marriage counselor, Gary Chapman, in his book, Love as a Way of Life, describes how being kind is a form of being love:

“[K]ind acts, whether small or large, reflect a desire to serve others, and service is at the heart of any loving person.  Kindness means serving someone else even if it involves sacrifice.  …Large or small, acts of kindness communicate, ‘You are a person of value.’ …

When we become aware of those acts and learn to express appreciation for them, our desire to show kindness grows as well.  Once we desire to become a kind person, it becomes easier to recognize opportunities for kindness throughout the day.  Such opportunities abound at home, in the workplace, in the grocery store, and anywhere else we encounter people.”

So this week, take up the challenge to observe small acts of kindness in your daily life.  Be still, reflect on them, and let them sink into your essence.  Express appreciation for these kind deeds.  Let them open your hearts and connect you to the goodness of all Beings.  Allow that kindness to flow through you and manifest itself in kind acts you perform for others, especially others who may not have been kind to you.  Let a kindness tsunami take form and wash over your community, your country, our world.

Remember what American-born writer, Henry James, said is key to an abundant life:

“Three things in human life are important.

The first is to be kind.

The second is to be kind.

The third is to be kind.”

Be kind.  Be love.  BE.


4 thoughts on “Be kind. Be love. BE.

    • Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to express your thoughts on this post. I’m glad it touched you. Yes, may we all remember to be kind daily to ourselves and to others.


  1. I have been reflecting on this very much over the last few months and realise that kindness is the foundation of life. The practice of kindness is in my understanding is not just a random act but an act of commitment every day of our lives. I thank you so much for writing this as it shows the place kindness has in your life my dear Valerie. And I love your call for a kindness tsunami to flood our world! My thoughts and hopes exactly! Hugs, Sharon

    • Hi Sharon:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on kindness.Being kind is easier some days than others, but as you said it is a commitment of the heart to aim to be kind daily.


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