Who am I? Who are you?

Hello my fellow human Beings:

Am I the clothes I wear?

Am I the food I eat?

Am I the car I drive?

Am I the hobbies I enjoy?

Am I the job I work?

Am I the roles I play?

Am I the place of worship I attend?

Am I the stores I shop at?

Am I my age?

Am I my gender?

Am I my ethnicity?

Am I my nationality?

Do all these things I do and my census statistics define who I AM?

Do they define who you are?

If asked to describe yourself, do you use labels of name, age, gender, occupation, marital status, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, and religion?

Is that who you really are?

Of course not!

But we often think of ourselves by the labels we or others put on us, instead of the Being behind the labels – our True Essence.

Contemporary spiritual teacher, Eckhart Tolle, in his book, A New Earth, writes:

What you see and hear, taste, touch, and smell are, of course sense objects.  They are what you experience.  But who is the subject, the experiencer?  If you now say, for example, ‘Well, of course, I, Jane Smith, senior accountant, forty-five years old, divorced, mother of two, American, am the subject, the experiencer,’ you are mistaken.  Jane Smith and whatever else becomes identified with the mental concept of Jane Smith are all objects of experience, not the experiencing subject.

…So who is the experiencer?  You are.

And who are you?  Consciousness.

And what is consciousness?  This question cannot be answered.  The moment you answer it, you have falsified it, made it into another object.  Consciousness, the traditional word for which is spirit, cannot be known in the normal sense of the word, and seeking it is futile. … It is the luminous space in which the world arises and subsides.  That space is the life that I Am.  It is timeless.  I Am timeless, eternal.”

So instead of defining yourself by your experiences, take time to BE STILL, meditate and reflect on your True Essence.  Connect to the consciousness that you are, the spirit within.  Connect to the timeless Being that is truly you at the core after all the labels, judgements, and masks are stripped away. Connect to the eternal I Am-ness that is filled with endless love, peace and happiness. … In this way, you will accept the experiences of life as they are, and you will embrace your True Being and live an abundant life!


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