Where do you find happiness?

Hello my fellow human Beings:

Are you happy?

What makes you happy?

Where do you find happiness?

In the search for happiness, we can take different paths to achieve this ultimate goal.

Some people may seek to find happiness down the road of fast cars, big houses and trendy clothes.

Others may seek happiness along the path of creature comforts, job security and a bulging bank accounts.

Some may search for happiness down the highway of powerful positions, important titles or lofty credentials.

Others may search for happiness along the boulevard of spiritual knowledge, divine comfort, or saintly security.

Yet on this journey for happiness, if we continue to seek happiness outside through possessions, positions, doctrinal teachings and outwardly pursuits, we will not be happy for long.  This search for happiness will prove disappointing and unsatisfying.  Our thirst for true happiness will not be quenched from the outside.

Instead, American-born, spiritual teacher, Gangaji, offers us this alternative way to attain happiness.  In her book, The Diamond In Your Pocket, she writes:

“I have discovered that it is actually impossible to find happiness.  As long as you are seeking to find happiness “somewhere,” you are overlooking where happiness is.  …When you seek to find happiness someplace else, you are overlooking your true nature, which is happiness.  You are overlooking yourself.

I would like to offer you the invitation and the challenge to stop overlooking yourself, to simply, radically, and absolutely be still – to put aside, at least for a moment, all of your ideas of where God is, or where truth is, or where you are.  Stop looking anywhere.  Stop seeking.  Simply be.  I am not talking about being in a stupor, or going into a trance, but going deeper into the silence of your heart where the revelation of omnipresence can be revealed as your true nature.  I am asking you to be still in pure presence.  Not to create that, not even to invite it, but simply to recognize what is always here, who you always are, where God always is.” [Emphasis in original.]

So instead of rushing about to find happiness externally, STOP, PAUSE, be still.  Meditate and connect to your true nature.  Recognize that your essence is true happiness, true love and true peace.

Rather than seeking happiness, simply be happy.

Rather than searching for joy, simply be joyful.

Rather than doing, simply be.

Be still, connect and live abundantly,…and oh what a life you’ll lead!


5 thoughts on “Where do you find happiness?

    • I’m glad to hear that you are happy, Jasmine. Being happy doesn’t mean we don’t have goals and dreams in life. It just means that we don’t allow those goals or dreams to define our happiness. Keep pursuing your music career my dear!

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