WWLD – What Would Love Do?

Hello my fellow human Beings:

I know many of us are celebrating this festive holiday season with family and friends.

Gatherings with people we love and have long-standing bonds can sometimes be challenging.  There is a lot of history there, coupled with long-engrained memories and dormant emotions.

In anticipation of these events, we may worry that incidents of the past may repeat themselves, or we may fear that the worst results of a new meeting may happen.  The ego may bring up negative thoughts and emotions – worry, fear, guilt, shame, anger, disappointment, apprehension, anxiety, etc.

Then, when these events happen, the encounters may easily trigger ego reactions.  Something someone says or doesn’t say, or something someone does or doesn’t do, may cause a negative feeling or thought to bubble up in us.  At this time, the ego may whisper sinisterly in our ears,

  • “There she goes judging you again.”
  • “Can’t you see you’re still not good enough?”, or
  • “You just can’t do right by him, can you?”

At each of these times (as in each moment of our lives) we have a choice to make.  We can blindly react to the negative thought or emotion in response to a situation OR we can pause, BREATHE, be aware of what is going on inside us and around us, and ask, “WHAT WOULD LOVE DO?”

Then act, speak and think out of love.

Vietnamese Buddhist monk, peace activist and poet, Thich Nhat Hahn, reminds us that:

“True loves takes a lot of courage because it is a commitment to help remove suffering and offer well-being.”

Asking ourselves the question, “What would love do?” helps us to re-focus our thoughts to be from a love-perspective, rather than from an ego-perspective.

If we take the time to pause, BREATHE, connect to our inner Being both in anticipation of these events and when we are in the middle of them, then we can be in tune with our thin place, our heart essence, our True Selves.  A place that we know is filled with love, peace and happiness.

Being connected to this place, we are linked to the God within, the Buddha within, the Christ within, so when we then ask, “What would love do?”, we can really hear the response.

Then with courage we follow through to act, speak and think out of love.

What would love do?

Be patient.

What would love do?

Be kind.

What would love do?

Be forgiving.

What would love do?

Be giving.

What would love do?

Be understanding.

What would love do?

Be compassionate.

So as we end this year and prepare for a new year to begin, remember to PAUSE, be still, BREATHE, connect, and ask, “What would love do?”  Then think, speak and act out of love and live abundantly.

I know I consciously made a determined effort to practice the WWLD philosophy this holiday season and it helped me to live a joyous, peaceful and love-filled festive season.

May the WWLD philosophy serve you well too.

Wishing you all a blessed holiday season and a Happy New Year 2013 filled with abundant opportunities for growth, positive change and deeper understanding.


5 thoughts on “WWLD – What Would Love Do?

    • Hi Jasmine:

      I hope you have the opportunity to put the WWLD philosophy in action to see the difference it makes in how you react to a life situation. Let me know if you do and what the experience was like for you.

      Happy holidays and all the best for the new year 2013!

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