Do more or be more?

Hello my fellow human Beings:

With long to-do lists, deadlines and demands, we can easily get caught up in doing more, and more, and more.  Before we know it, we can find ourselves lost on the treadmill of never-ending tasks.

We just run along grasping for the next baton of demands.  Once we seize it, complete it and pass it on we are all gung-ho for the next baton of demands.  We keep running and grasping without clearly seeing the finish line. We keep going and pushing, but with no obvious end in sight.

We tell ourselves:

If only I do this and that, then I will have IT.

If only I get this or that, then I will feel IT.

If only I finish this or that, then I will be IT.

 But what is IT?

What is the goal of your daily tasks?

What is the aim of all your doings?

What do you want to be?

 Do you not want to be more of your authentic self?

Do you not want to be more you?

If the IT we are striving for is happiness, peace, joy, love, laughter, connection, kindness or being home, then we need to focus on being more rather than doing more.

As the Russian author, activist and philosopher, Leo Tolstoy, reminds us:

“If you want to be happy, be.”

So remember to take some moments each day to PAUSE, be still, BREATHE, and reflect and connect to your True Self.  Remind yourself what is truly important in your life.

After obtaining her PhD in Philosophy, author Alice Koller lived a self-imposed life of solitude with her dogs in order to take a journey of self-discovery.  She reminds us of the importance of seeking out silence in our ever-busy, multi-tasking world.  She notes:

“I surround myself with silence.  The silence is within me, permeates my house, reaches beyond the surfaces of the outer walls and into the bordering woods.  It is one silence, continuous from within me outward in all directions: … In the silence I listen, I watch, I sense, I attend, I observe.  I require this silence. I search it out.”

So search out the silence in your daily lives.  It need not be for days or hours.  It can be for just minutes, so long as it is part of your good living routine.

  1.  Get enough sleep.
  2. Drink plenty of water and eat healthy meals.
  3. Exercise.
  4. Pause, breathe, be in silence and stillness connected to the Real You.

Remember the importance of BEING – being authentic, being you.

For in so doing, you will BE MORE and you will live more abundantly!


2 thoughts on “Do more or be more?

  1. Just what I needed to read today, Valerie. Thank you. And thank you for finding time to send out such a quality blog posting.


    Sent from my iPhone

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