Is love the ultimate answer?

Hello my fellow human Beings:

Do you find yourselves struggling to resolve an issue in a relationship?

Often times in close personal relationships with family and friends we find ourselves fraught with emotions, past memories, old hurts, and other ego challenges.  In these situations, we can react to the issues at hand from a place of ego preservation (protecting or defending the little me).  As a result, an emergence of thoughts, words and actions flood us.  They are based on negative emotions like fear, guilt, shame, hurt, pride, anger, anxiety, worry, embarrassment, frustration, impatience, irritation, resentment, jealousy, and envy, among others.

Submerged in this fog of negative emotions, we time and again forget about the love we have for ourselves and our dear ones.

I’m not speaking just of that warm, fuzzy feeling of caring and affection, but the power that moves us and bonds us together – that force of energy that can move mountains, make hurt knees feel better, and can speak so eloquently in any language without a single word.

Dr. Deepak Chopra, physician, writer and lecturer, who has written prolifically on the connections between the mind and the body, reminds us of this distinction in the meaning of love in his book, The Path to Love. He notes:

“In the West what we generally call love is mostly a feeling, not a power.  This feeling can be delicious, even ecstatic, but there are many things love is meant to do that feelings cannot.

When love and spirit are brought together, their power can accomplish anything.  Then love, power, and spirit are one.

There has never been a spiritual master – not Buddha, Krishna, Christ, or Mohammed – who wasn’t a messenger of love, and the power of the message has always been awesome:  it has changed the world.  Perhaps the very immensity of such teachers has made the rest of us reticent.  We do not accept the power love can create inside us, and therefore we turn our backs on our divine status.”

So if you continue to toil with a matter with your family and friends that has resulted in unproductive reactions from fear, find the time to be still, connect with the spirit within you that is filled with the opposite of fear – LOVE.

Become fully immersed in love, let the feeling of love bathe every cell of your body, let it take over your Being, and silence your ego.  Stay connected to the love that is within you, and surrounds you, and connects you to your dear ones.

PAUSE … and ask the question(s) on how to resolve your family/friend matter out of love. …

Then wait patiently.

Be open and listen for the answer (even if it is not what your ego wants you to do).

Be open to the possibilities, the options, and the solutions that love provides.

Yes, when the going gets tough, rough and bumpy, when we feel we are endlessly spinning our wheels and we don’t know which way to turn, if we stop awhile and are still and connect to the power of love, then that mighty force of love will guide us with the ultimate answers to preserve the love that unites us and is us.

Yes, love is the ultimate answer to solving our life’s problems.

When we ask “What would love do?” and follow that path of action, then we truly live abundantly!


6 thoughts on “Is love the ultimate answer?

  1. What an excellent message Still Valerie! So often we talk about the power of Love without truly understanding that it is Power and not merely a feeling. The ego resists the notion of love in preference to conflict and holding on to unforgiveness trying to prolong past hurts. Yet, the minute we ask ourselves “What would love do?”, that immediately lifts us to a whole different level. Thank you for opening my understanding to this great truth and one which I must learn to harness its power for greater effectiveness in my own life. With loving gratitude, Sharon

  2. Great information!!! Money can be earned anytime but finding true love is hard in current world. Everyone runs behind money rather than love. When we grow older, we will know the value of love until than money!!!!

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