April showers bring …?

Hello my fellow human Beings:

When you hear that phrase, what probably comes to mind for you is the rest of the popular saying, “April showers bring May flowers”.  However, do you think the same thing when you experience April showers?

When you are driving or walking in the rain showers that come frequently this month, do you focus on how all the rain is watering the plants, flowers, trees and grass to help them grow?  Or is it more likely that you are grumbling about how wet you are getting or how people forget how to drive in the rain?

Do the grey clouds overhead cloud your spirits and do you find yourself feeling gloomy and sad?

Well, it’s all a matter of perspective.  Our thoughts and feelings can affect how we perceive the world around us.

We can subjectively judge the weather and thus create a sour, dull day for ourselves, or we can objectively see the rain as rain and continue to have a sweet, bright day for ourselves. It’s all up to our own selves to choose.

Louis Hay, metaphysical lecturer, teacher and author, in her book, Meditations To Heal Your Life, reminds us that our thinking can create our outlook on life’s events when she writes:

“We all do a lot of vacillating between old ideas and new ways of thinking.  I am patient with myself through this process.  Beating myself up only keeps me stuck.  It is better to build myself up instead.  Anything I say or think is an affirmation.  I become aware of my thoughts and my words.  I may discover that a lot of them are very negative.  I used to approach life through negative eyes.  I would take an ordinary situation like a rainy day, and then say something such as, ‘Oh, what a terrible day.’  It was not a terrible day; it was a wet day.  Just a slight change in the way I look at an event can turn it around.  I choose to look at life in a new, positive way.”

So as we start this month of April, we each have new opportunities to develop a new way of thinking and experience a new perspective on life.

This new life theme ties in well with the celebration of Easter this weekend for those who commemorate this holiday.  It is a time of new birth, a resurrection of ourselves, and a new start into truly living our abundant lives.  After 40 days or so of reflection, repentance (turning away from old habits), returning to good habits, sacrificing and universal giving, our hard work has reaped some benefits and we can rejoice in the new abundant life we are leading.

What has your Lenten journey revealed about you and for you?

Have your healthy practices of body and mind helped to give you a new way of thinking and a new outlook on life?

It is never too late to change our thinking, to retrain our minds, and to take a few steps on the path of abundant living.

Right now, you can STOP and take a few minutes to PAUSE ….


…be still and be one with You …

…. just stop your old chatter …

……………………………………..just let it go………………………………………

……………… and just listen……….

What do you hear?

  • Silence?
  • Your heart beat?
  • Your breathe moving in and out?

Yes, you are alive in this moment!

In this moment, when negative thinking and emotions are released, you realize that you are OK.  No, actually, YOU ARE FANTASTIC!

In this moment, you have a new perspective, a new outlook on life.

In this moment, you are taking a step forward on the path of abundant living.

Every moment of your life, you have a choice on how to live it.  Whatever life situations you encounter, you have a choice whether to accept it as it is and manage it and embrace it, or to let the clouds and rain wash away your hopes and good spirits.

So in these next moments, when you experience the April showers, what will you choose?

I hope that you will be still, connect, and choose to see the May flowers to come as you live more abundantly!

Joyous blessings for your new abundant life and a Happy Easter to all!


2 thoughts on “April showers bring …?

  1. What a lovely and uplifting post! I like rain, it seems an interlude for reflection, and contrast for appreciating the sunny days. You’re right, perspective is so important. Thank you! ~ Lily

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