What is the language of love?

Hello my fellow human Beings:

February is the month of love with St. Valentine’s Day and Family Day helping us focus on this four-letter word.

Finding the right words to express our love for another fellow being can be challenging at times.

We may wonder, “What do I say?” or “How can we communicate with each other if I don’t speak the same language?

This reminds me of a story of the lessons I learned from a bee and a tree.

During a silent meditation retreat one winter in the countryside in a small town in Central Ontario, I had a regular routine of getting a mug of hot tea with honey in the late afternoons. Holding the mug close to me, I walked the paths around the retreat centre and sipped the tea.

On one of these walks, just after leaving the dining hall with my steaming mug of tea, a small bee flew over to me and landed on my jacket.  It began sucking at the spot of honey that it found there.  Trying to stay calm, despite clearly seeing its stinger protruding from its rear, I continued slowly on my walk.

As it was a silent meditation retreat, I wasn’t supposed to speak aloud, but feeling a need to acknowledge the presence of this visitor, I began to “speak” to the bee in my mind. (Of course, I knew not whether the bee understood a word I thought, yet I continued.)  I greeted the bee, welcomed it to enjoy the spot of honey and to come along with me on my daily afternoon walk.  As we toured the meditation centre grounds, I narrated the sights I saw to the bee (all with thoughts in my mind).  The bee seeming to enjoy the ride, and the sweet snack, continued to be with me as I walked through the wooded paths, past the cabins and residences, and over the snowy trails.

After about twenty minutes or so of walking, I reached a thin, lone tree.  Now this wasn’t an ordinary tree. You see, this tree was like a friend to me. When I felt lonely at the retreat centre and needed a hug, I would come to this tree and we would hug.  I would just be with the tree, “talking in my mind” to the tree about my worries, my concerns, my struggles. We would just BE together and that felt good.

So this was a special tree, and being special to me, I wanted to introduce my new friend the bee to my old friend the tree.  As I made the introductions in my mind, the bee flew from my jacket and landed on the tree, stopping to BE a while with the tree.

Three friends united in an unspoken language of love.

“The rose speaks of love silently, in a language known only to the heart.”

Author unknown

So I learned that we need not worry about the right words to say or how to communicate them. The language of genuine love is universal.

So as you go about your life this week (or this month) and you encounter beings, human and nonhuman, communicate in the universal language of love.

Just be still, PAUSE AND BREATH, connect with the presence of the other being. Then, express your love in thought, word or action, and enjoy the love emanating from you and connecting you with the other.  In so doing, you will live more fully and abundantly!


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