I am not one, you are not one, but WE ARE ONE.

Hello my fellow human Beings:

Do you feel alone?

  • A solitary soldier fighting against the world’s injustices to self and such?
  • A lone, lost survivor struggling in the deserted island of your own thoughts, worries, burdens and fears?

 Or do you feel like you want to be left alone?

  • Swept away from the arguments, the drama, and the demands of family, work and society?
  • Secluded from the cries, shouts, give-me’s, and I-need-you-to-do’s?

Eckhart Tolle, in Stillness Speaks, says:

 “Human interaction can be hell. Or it can be a great spiritual practice.”

You see we live in community on Planet Earth.

I am not just on my own.

You are not just on your own.


We are all connected and intertwined with each another.

Sometimes, we forget that we are connected to one another.

We forget that we are all part of the life force that unites all Beings.

We forget what it must be like to be in another’s shoes.

We forget that we are essentially the same as:

    • the homeless person on the street corner asking you, yet again, to spare some change;
    • the crying, fussing baby who is frustrated that he can’t seem to communicate what he truly wants to say; or
    • the loved one who says if only you’d do this then all would be perfect.

At the essence of all human beings is a core of pure love, peace and joy.

We may forget this fact when we get caught up in our own ego-driven mind chatter filling our heads with judgements, reactions, woah-is-me’s, how-could-you’s, and I’m-right, you’re-wrong’s.

At those times, we feel disconnected from our true essence and the true essence of others.

At those times, we feel alone or we feel like we just can’t take the pressure and need to be left alone.

But what we really need is to feel connected again.

We need to feel connected to the I Am, to our True Selves, to our Source of love, peace and joy.

In truth, we are always connected to the One, the Universe, and the God within, but sometimes and some days, we just don’t feel that connection.

So how do we regain that connected feeling?

Take some time to pause and be still.

Be still and BREATHE.      Be still and BREATHE.      Be still. ….

Be still with yourself. (Clear your mind of its relentless mind chatter.)

Be still with your child, parent or other family member. (Free your mind of its judgements, worries and fears.)

Be still with all you encounter. (Break the chains of old thought patterns in your mind and just BE.)

You say, “I’m too busy to be still. I already have too much on my plate.”

You don’t need to spend hours and hours being still if you don’t want to. Just take at least a few minutes every day to stop, breathe and BE STILL. Allow yourself to feel the connection to the love, peace and joy within you.  It will bring great benefits and rewards to your busy lives.

It will remind you that you are not alone, that we are all one, and that we are all connected.

It will assist you in making your interactions with others more of a spiritual practice than a walk in hell.

It will help you to take the next step for whatever you need so that you can live fully and abundantly as you were meant to live.

So be still, feel connected, and live abundantly!


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