Is stillness a remedy for what ails you?

Hello my fellow human Beings:

When we look around these days, we notice illnesses – unhealthy conditions of body and mind – personally and in the world around us.  From headaches and heartaches to mental and emotional disorders, there is suffering and disease everywhere.

So what do we do about it?

Søren Aabye Kierkegaard, a Danish philosopher, theologian and religious author suggests:

 “One remedy for all the world’s modern illnesses is stillness.”

So how does stillness provide a remedy to illness?

When we are able to still ourselves, through a practice like meditation, we find a way to synchronize our bodies and minds in the present moment.  When our bodies and minds are in sync, we naturally become more relaxed, alert, open and aware.  We experience ourselves and the world around us in a direct, unfiltered way.  We connect with our Source, our true selves, our “Godness”.  We learn more about ourselves and insights emerge.

This ability to connect through the stillness allows us to:

  • better “hear” what our bodies need in terms of rest, nutrition, exercise and touch;
  • witness how our thoughts and feelings create sensations in our bodies, both pleasant and unpleasant;
  • disassociate our mind-chatter from our true essence;
  • sit with difficult emotions, accepting them as our current feelings, but realizing that they do not define us;
  • draw on our inner resources for strength and understanding; and
  • listen to the insights, pointers and wisdom from our Source, the Universe, our true selves, the God within, or however we wish to define the consciousness of all humanity.

Sometimes, when we are ill, we tend to focus on the symptoms – the pain and discomfort – but, perhaps we need to step back, especially with chronic illnesses, and look beyond the symptoms.

PAUSE, be still, and silently listen.

What is your body saying? What is the earth saying? What is I Am saying?

In Job 33:31,33 of the New International Version of the Bible, we are reminded to:

 “Pay attention,…, and listen to me; be silent and I will speak …listen to me; be silent and I will teach you wisdom.”

So take the time to be still, connect with your true selves and your “God” within, and listen to the wisdom you will learn from the stillness.  It will teach you how to live more fully and abundantly, whatever your symptoms, conditions or disorders may be.

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