Have you flopped on your new year’s resolutions or goals yet?

Hello my fellow human Beings:

As we start into the first few days of the new calendar year 2012, people are making and breaking their new year’s resolutions or goals.

What?!  In just a few days into this new year?  Really?!

Well, yes really, at least for me. You see I like starting the new year off with a get together at my home with family and close friends sharing some laughter, love and good cheer.

I planned and prepped for the Big Day, trying to make everything just right.

The Big Day rolled around, but my alarm didn’t go off and I woke up late. …oh oh…My morning plans were now astray and I hurried to get things done in time.  As the guests began to arrive I sped up my pace, not pausing to breathe and calm myself. (Yes, I too, being human, can forget this sage advice sometimes.) …You know the saying “haste makes waste” …well, in my haste I carelessly sliced a chunk of my thumb on a SHARP new kitchen slicing gadget (a mandolin) while trying to prepare a salad TV-chef-style. (Bye, bye salad!) …In my haste, not only did the salad go to waste, but this accident put me out of commission for some time as I tried to stop the profuse bleeding and not pass out. (Thank you to all my family and friend saints who helped me out! You are my angels!)

The get together continued and I think everyone had a good time. I still got to start the new year off with some laughter, love and a bit of good cheer, so all was not a flop.

But Worrying Little Me, still in pain and a bit of shock at the end of the day, began to focus on the things I failed to do – the missteps, the stumblings, and the not-so-perfect start to the new year.

“Oh no, I’ve ruined my desired perfect start to the new year! What will 2012 be like now?” I thought.

Yet, after some stillness, meditation and reflection, I realized that we all stumble and fall at times (sometimes many times), but we need to dust ourselves off and have the courage to start again (and again, and again).

As Rosanne Ambrose-Brown says:

 “Courage is, with love, the greatest gift. We are, each of us, defeated many times – but if we accept defeat with cheerfulness, and learn from it, and try another way – then we will find fulfillment.”

So, with courage and love for myself and all of humanity that I am connected to, I cheerfully accept this accidental setback, learning not to worry and hurry to please others or my perfectionist tendencies, and trying again to take a few steps each day towards developing and connecting with inner peace.

So whether our new year’s resolutions or goals are:

  • to meditate more;
  • to eat healthier;
  • to exercise better; or
  • to love more fully

know that we may stumble a time or two (or more) as the year unfolds.


STOP.                         PAUSE.                          BREATHE.

Be still and reflect on what caused you to stumble and re-connect with your True Self.  Remember that you have the courage and love to not let this stumble defeat you.  Smile at the failing, learn and grow from it, and renew your commitment to your goals wholeheartedly.

For as you do, you will enrich your life experience and live more fully and abundantly!

Cheers to a glorious 2012 for one and all!

2 thoughts on “Have you flopped on your new year’s resolutions or goals yet?

  1. Remember to wear your glasses when using that mandolin, Valerie! They are vicious little kitchen tools, aren’t they?

    Wishing you a wonderful 2012!


    • Haha! I needed to keep my eyes on the slicing blade at all times and not be distracted. Focus and concentration on the task at hand, just like in meditation. Be aware and alert of the object of focus.

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