Do you feel the sun from both sides?

Hello my fellow human Beings: 

I picked up an older paperback in my library to take on a trip. It was a 1976 psychology book entitled, How to Live With Another Person by David Viscott, M.D.  It contained this pearl of wisdom that lead me to ponder the above-noted question:

“To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.”

Giving and receiving love can make us feel in equilibrium, as if the sun is shining on us from both sides. Yet, sometimes we feel out of balance, especially if we feel we are not receiving enough love. We may feel an emptiness that needs to be filled.  We may even feel that we need to ask those around us, our loved ones, to fill that emptiness.

But, perhaps we just need to give love:

  • give love to ourselves,
  • give love to others,
  • give love to all beings,

without expecting love or anything in return.

It’s like the practice of loving-kindness meditation for those of you who are familiar with that practice.

Just by giving love freely, we receive much in return.

So this week, take time to be still, reflect on the love within you, and send that loving-kindness out to yourself, to your loved ones and friends, to your neighbours, to your enemies and to all beings.

Give love, receive love, BE LOVE and live abundantly!


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