Are you acting what you believe?

Hello my fellow human Beings: 

Do you practise what you preach and think and believe?

Pause for a moment and reflect on what you believe – your credo, your personal values, your thoughts on who you think you are.

Now, look at your actions over the past week or so. Are they in line with what you believe?

Mitch Albom in Have A Little Faith writes:

“You are how you act, not just how you believe.”

Integrity is being true to your beliefs; not just talking a good talk, but walking the good walk.

Each of us is responsible for our own actions and reactions. No matter what the situation or person that presents itself before us, we have the choice as to how we will act or react

So if we believe that we are divine human Beings, gifts of God, gifts to this world, and filled with love, peace and joy, (which we all are), then let’s act as such. (We may not get it right all the time. When we mess up we can take responsibility and apologize for our unloving behaviour. But we shouldn’t stop trying to act who we truly are! It’s worth the effort.)

So the next time you are faced with an irate customer, an angry coworker, a frustrated family member, or a complaining friend, let’s try to make the choice to act how you believe you truly are – a Being of love and peace and joy.

I know it’s not always easy to act this way. Your encounter with another may mean that your buttons get pushed and your ego is triggered. Your ego may want to quickly jump in and react in similar anger or frustration with a snide remark, a brush off or an off-the-cuff retort. But before you let that happen,

 … PAUSE …



… remember who you truly are…

… and then act out of love.

Until next time, be still, act how you truly are, and live more abundantly!


One thought on “Are you acting what you believe?

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