What I Learned From Writing In The Sand

Hello my fellow human Beings:

Adapted from original photo by John Steven Fernandez

Well, I’m back from my vacation and had a wonderful time in the sand, surf and sun. While away, I found my still times to be while walking on the beach, listening to the waves crash against the shoreline and smelling the salty sea air.

I often picked up a thin piece of driftwood that I’d find discarded on the beach and would write in the flat sand near the water’s edge. I found this to be an interesting meditation practice. To help me be still and in the now, I would stop and write the following phrase from Psalm 46:10:

“Be still and know that I AM (GOD).”

It’s a simple, yet powerful phrase. It’s not too long, but long enough that depending on how quickly the tide was moving in, I may or may not get it all written out before the water would lap it up. This practice coaxed me to be patient and calm, and not to be frustrated, angry or anxious.

It helped me realize that no matter what life situations are out there, no matter what waves of unexpected events may wash my way, that within me, deep inside, sometimes only faintly showing on the surface, …is a stillness that exists and a knowing that I AM.

May you all find the stillness within you, know that You Are, and live your lives abundantly!


2 thoughts on “What I Learned From Writing In The Sand

  1. Oh beautiful….beautiful…. I could just see you writing in the wet sand before the waves come and wash it all away. And to remain serene throughout. And to know that rooted in our essence is the great I AM. Immovable, unwashable from all the tides of the sea. Oh hugs to you my dear Valerie! Sharon

    • Thank you Sharon for reading this post and feeling and experiencing it. I also liked how you wrote about Archbishop Desmond Tutu using Psalm 46:10 as a prayer reflection starting with the whole verse and removing one word at a time, until you are left with just BE.


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