Are you a Control Freak?

Hello my fellow human Beings: 

Do you like to be in control of everything in your life?

Do you feel uneasy when things don’t go exactly as you planned?

Joe Nunziata, breakthrough specialist, energy healer and bestselling author offers this reflection:

“Human beings have a strong desire to control. It is for this reason we hate the unknown. Not knowing what to expect or how things will play out drives us crazy.

You must embrace the fact that the unknown is what makes your life so interesting. Not knowing what will happen next is what adds all of the excitement to your existence. You would not want to walk into a movie knowing exactly how it will end.

Accept that your life is unfolding perfectly. Not knowing the ending only adds to the limitless possibilities and opportunities still ahead. Enjoy every step on the road especially the parts with sharp turns and twists.”

Deepak Chopra, M.D. a world-renowned authority in the field of mind-body healing and best-selling author adds that “ego craves certainty, but uncertainty is the basis of life”.

So as you live your lives this week, be comfortable with uncertainty.  TRUSTRelax.  Let go of control and let God (LOVE) be your guide.

May you be still, may you be present in the reality of this moment, and may you live abundantly amidst the uncertainty!


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