So What Is Happiness?

Hello my fellow human Beings: 

It’s the start of another new year filled with new possibilities, new opportunities and new adventures.  Often, people send wishes of health, wealth and happiness at the start of a new year. Let’s pause for a moment and ponder those wishes.

If you had to choose between health and happiness, which would you choose?

What about choosing between wealth and happiness?

These are a couple of the questions that Dr. Robert Holden, Director of The Happiness Project and Success Intelligence, asks participants in the preliminary interview for his Happiness Project.  His results have indicated that most people would choose happiness over health and wealth.

So what is happiness?

My definition of happiness is a state of being content, present in the now, accepting reality as it is, so as to live life with abundance.

Dr. Robert Holden in Be Happy writes that “being authentic is the key to happiness. You cannot be inauthentic and feel happy.” He also notes that “when you wish for happiness, you’re really wishing to be the most loving person you can be.”

So as we start this new year, I wish for you to be still, to be present in the now, to be unreasonably happy and the most loving person you can be, so that you may live your life abundantly!


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