Taking a Stillness Spot

Hello my fellow human Beings:


Whatever you are doing in this moment, just stop and be still.


Don’t worry, you won’t miss anything. …We’ll resume in a moment….


Thank you for taking a stillness spot.

We start this month of December preparing for the holiday season with all its hustle and bustle. Those long to-do lists of this and that, over here and over there. It can be a very hectic and stressful time of the year. So I thought this was a perfect time to remind you (and me too!) about the importance of taken some time to just be still and connect with our inner place of happiness, peace and love. (After all, that’s what we all wish for this holiday season, isn’t it?)

The spiritual teacher, Gangaji writes in her book The Diamond In Your Pocket:

“If you will stop all activity, just for one instant, even for one-tenth of a second, and simply be utterly still, you will recognize the inherent spaciousness of your being that is already happy and at peace with itself.”

So this holiday season, take the time to give yourself the gift of stillness and appreciate the happiness, peace and love that you already have within you.

Until next time, may you all stop, be still, and live more abundantly!


One thought on “Taking a Stillness Spot

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